Quick Start for Calendar & Events

MeetBit allows you to create your own Calendars and view a list of them for each Calendar Provider. The Calendar displays all your scheduled Events, automatically adding them as soon as they are created by an authorized User or generated from Meeting Links.

With the appropriate permission to view Users, you can also see a list of their Calendars for each Calendar Provider, but you cannot create or delete Calendar/s for other Users.

On the User Calendar Page, you can view the details of your scheduled Events by clicking the "View Event" icon in the row of a specific Event.

Upcoming Events on Dashboard

Once you have signed into MeetBit, you will land on the Dashboard Page, where your Upcoming Events for the day are displayed. You can also access the Dashboard Page by clicking the MeetBit icon in the upper-left corner or by visiting https://customdomain.com/admin.

Creating your First Event

Now that you understand how Calendar and Events work, it's time to create your first Event. Proceed to the next page to learn how.

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