Quick Start for Rooms

MeetBit Rooms allow you to provide your Customers with a branded online conference and chat experience. Rooms can be automatically generated when your Customer schedules a Meeting Link or can be used as is. They come with video, audio, and content-sharing abilities depending on your device and browser. For a list of supported devices, see Supported Devices.

Entering a Room

  1. Open the room's URL in your browser or use the link provided in the Meeting Link confirmation email.

  2. Enter your email on the landing page.

  3. Press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the "Enter" button.

Private MeetBit Rooms only allow pre-defined Attendees to enter, while Public Rooms are open to everyone. Additionally, you must be signed in if you are entering as an Admin Panel User.

  1. If you haven't previously granted access to your camera and microphone, click "Allow" to continue entering the MeetBit Room.

  1. On the setup page, select the devices you want to use and enable or disable them as needed.

  2. Click "Join" to enter the Room.

  3. If the MeetBit Room or Workspace has recording enabled by default, you must consent to the recording to proceed.

Once inside the room, you can now talk to other attendees. If you wish to send messages or share files with them, click the "Chat" icon located at the bottom of your screen among the control buttons. You can refer to How to Share Content Using the Chat Tab for more information.

A MeetBit Chat Room is automatically created when the Chat button is first clicked by any attendee. Otherwise, a Chat Room will not be created. You can refer to Chat Rooms for more information.

Leaving a Room

Once the meeting has finished, you can end or leave the call from the settings tab. Proceed to the following instructions to learn how:

  1. Click the "Settings" icon located at the bottom of the screen among the control buttons.

  2. Click "Leave Room".

  • As an attendee of a MeetBit Room, you can reenter the room at any time as long as the meeting is still ongoing.

  • As the owner of a MeetBit Room, you are the only one with permission to close the room or end the meeting. This action will prompt all attendees to leave the room and prevent further reentry.

Creating your First Conference Room

Now that you understand how Rooms work, it's time to learn more about Conference Rooms. Proceed to the next page to learn how.

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