Conference Room Recordings

When you enter a MeetBit Conference Room, you will be prompted with a consent dialog, requesting permission to record the online video call. This is a deliberate feature aimed at streamlining the recording process, as Conference Rooms are designed to automatically start recording when any attendee joins the room.

Once the meeting concludes and the owner closes the Conference Room, the recording will begin processing in the background. Following its completion, you will receive an email, informing you that the recording is ready for viewing.

Conference Room Recordings expire after 30 days.

Viewing Conference Room Recordings

You must have permission to view the Conference Room or be one of the attendees of the specific Conference Room to perform the steps below.

  1. On the Conference Rooms Page, click the "View" icon in the row of your chosen Conference Room.

  1. Once you are on the Conference Room's own page, click "Recordings" in the upper-left corner.

  2. Click the recording file to view the Conference Room Recording.

Unexpected errors that cause interruptions or restarts of Conference Room Recordings may result in multiple recordings for a single conference.

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