Quick Start for Meeting Links

MeetBit Meeting Links allow your Customers to schedule meetings with your company representatives. Meeting Links automatically align the availability of your representatives and present them to your customers as schedule options they can pick.

Calendar invites are automatically sent along with email and SMS notifications. Online Conferencing may also be organized with MeetBit Rooms.

Only published Meeting Links are accessible to Customers. You can refer to Meeting Link Publishing & Versioning for more information.

Scheduling a Meeting

  1. Open the Meeting Link on your browser. The link can be obtained from the Admin Panel and should look something like this: https://example.com/meetings/65b1efd41967c.

  2. Once opened, browse for the best available option.

  3. Click "Confirm".

  4. Fill out the necessary fields based on the Meeting Link's settings. You can refer to Meeting Link Settings for more information.

  5. Click "Schedule".

The meeting is now scheduled! You should have received a calendar invite for the event in your email. If SMS Notifications were set, you will also receive one.

You may also receive email and/or SMS reminders and updates regarding your meeting if reminders were set up for the Meeting Link.

Modifying an Event after Scheduling

We understand that schedules may change, requiring updates to scheduled meetings. MeetBit allows you to easily reschedule or cancel meetings. For more information, you can refer to the instructions provided in the following sections:

Rescheduling EventsCanceling Events

Now that you understand how Meeting Links work, it's time to create your first Meeting Link. Proceed to the next page to learn how.

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