Contents of a Form

Form Pages

Forms can be structured across several pages to improve your customers' answering process in a way that results in the collection of higher quality and more reliable information.


Title allows you to provide a clear indication of the context or purpose of a Form Page, serving as an optional feature to enhance the clarity and usability of Forms Pages.


Sequence allows you to adjust the order in which Form Pages are visible to Customers.

Customers are unable to proceed to the next Form Page unless they have completed all the required fields on the current Form Page.

Success Page

Success Page allows you to display a Form Page to Customers after they have completed a Form, informing them that they have successfully finished answering it.

Enabling the Success Page restricts Form Pages to only include "Display Text" Blocks.

Form Blocks

Form Pages are customizable through blocks. It allows you to require a response from Customers or to simply display information.


Field allows you to assign a unique identifier to a specific element a Form.


Type allows you to dictate the kind of information required from Customers. The different types of Form Blocks include:

The "Display Text" type utilizes Github Markdown for formatting. Every succeeding text block is rendered on a new line.


Question allows you to include optional Questions to label a Form Block. If not specified, the Field is used instead.


Required allows you to specify whether a Form Block must be completed by Customers before they can submit their response.


Hidden allows you to specify whether a Form Block should be hidden from customer view and can only be filled through query parameters.

Form Blocks cannot be both Required and Hidden.


Sequence allows you to adjust the order in which Form Blocks are displayed within a Form Page.

Rearranging Form Pages & Form Blocks

You must have permission to create or update Forms to perform the steps below.

  1. On the Create or Update Form Page, click and hold the Page or Block you wish to rearrange.

  2. Drag the Page or Block to the desired position.

  3. Release to place the Page or Block.

  4. Click "Create Form" on the Create Form Page or "Save Edits" on the Update Form Page.

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